The history of mankind’s relationship with God

The history of mankind’s relationship with God
The first human couple chose rebellion and self reliance. When God created the first human couple, and obviously when I say created them, he created the bodies in which they existed. So he created the first couples’ bodies. So, both of the bodies, the physical bodies and the spirit bodies were
created by God, directly. The soul of course was already created by God, and the first human couple incarnated.

When you talk to them, they don’t have a memory of being young like babies. They just incarnated and began their experience in an adult looking body, and as a result of that they didn’t really have the same experience that many of us have had in the sense that we were born and we slowly absorbed things through our environment. They still absorbed things through their environment, but they weren’t born in the same manner that we were born.

God created the physical (PB) and spiritual (SB) bodies and the soul of the first human couple
However, this first human pair decided before they even had children of their own that they didn’t want to have a relationship with God. And to be accurate, it’s not probably what they decided. What they decided, in an accurate statement is they wanted to be the same as God. So they wanted to have an elevated condition that was exactly the sameas God’s condition, without having to do anything for it. They felt that they had enough intelligence, that they had enough knowledge that God had given them through a process over the years that God had been spending time with them; that eventually they felt that they should be able to be God themselves and that they didn’t need God to make rules for them orto determine things for them.And so what they did is they chose, you could say, rebellion and self-reliance.

In this process of choosing rebellion and self-reliance, they ended up in this state where they couldn’t connect to God anymore because they’d chosen to reject God. And in this state of rebellion and self-reliance, they began immediately to degrade in their condition of love. So they started to degrade and go in a negative direction when it came to their condition of love because to make that decision they didn’t understand enough about love already to even make that
decision. So God allowed them of course to go ahead with that rebellion and that self reliance. God allows us to do anything we choose with our will.

Participant: When they appeared what condition were they in to start with?  You would classify it as a sixth sphere condition. They were perfectly made and their soul was free of all emotional

The first human couple wanted to be gods themselves, and so chose rebellion and self reliance
They didn’t make this choice out of an emotional injury. They made the choice based on a desire, rather than an emotional injury. So that also indicates that a person who’s in the sixth sphere can make a choice out of harmony with love. So it’s not impossible to make a choice out of harmony with love even when you’ve become perfected and that’s something that most people don’t understand. You can use your will in any direction, so you can always choose to use your will in a different direction than you’ve used it ten minutes ago.

And if you think about the course of an average day, for most of us we use our will sometimes positively or lovingly and other times very negatively, even in the course of one day. Sometimes we’re in a rageful place or angry with someone or wanting to hurt somebody, and then we go into this feeling of sorrow about that, and repentance about that, and feel sad that we’ve done that. And then something else comes up and before we know it we’re back into another angry place or
something like that where we want to hurt somebody or we yell at somebody or so forth. So just in the course of an average day even the feelings in us do that, even if we don’t verbalise those feelings, oftentimes we have those feelings.

It was a little different here though of course because the original couple didn’t have the emotional injuries that would have dictated to them to do these kinds of things. They made an active choice; it was a choice to be God basically. In that process they went into rebellion and self reliance, they no longer wanted to hear from God about love, and no longer
wanted to learn about love from God. As a result of that they had to rely on their own interpretations, and as they then had children after that point, they then imposed exactly the same emotional injuries upon their children. And their children very rapidly degraded in condition as a result of the walking away from God

Now what happened though, there was this idea of rebellion: if we look at the emotional injuries that are on the planet right now with regard to God, the number one emotional injury is rebellion. We don’t like law; we don’t like God telling us what God’s Laws are, we want to go through the process of discovering it all ourselves. Even a little tiny child has this emotion most of the time. If you think back to when you were bringing up your children, by the time the child is two years of age, they go through the “terrible twos”, which are often this spirit of rebellion already being imposed upon its environment that is already present within the child because it’s an emotional injury we’ve carried down for millennia; thousands of years.

The second emotional injury that got established there and then was also this emotional injury of self-reliance, in other words feeling that, “The only person that I can rely on is myself. I can’t really rely upon a partner because they might leave me, they might cheat on me, and they might do something like that, so I can’t rely on a partner. I can’t rely on my friends because sometimes my friends have different agendas than what I have and so therefore I can’t really rely on them.” And in the end most people finish up having a feeling inside of them that the only person they can really rely on is themselves.