Emotionally confronting terminology

Emotionally confronting terminology
One of the things I’d like to say is that I am going to use terminology that triggers you emotionally today. So I’m going
to talk about terms such as “sin” for example. How many of you, when you hear that word “sin”, just have this “Argh”
feeling, this religious, “Oh that doesn’t sound very good” feeling? What about the word “judgement”? How does that
one get you? Not too happy with that word. You see every single word that is used has an emotional impact upon us
because of an emotional injury inside of us. In itself the word “judgement” has a specific meaning but it becomes
emotional for us if there’s some unhealed feelings within us. Many of us feel some emotions about the word
“judgement”. Now you can understand why? It’s because in particular when we were young, we were judged all the
time and often condemned and punished in the process, and so that’s obviously very unpleasant. So what happens now
is that whenever we hear the word “judgement”, we just rebel.