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Moral laws are the Laws of Natural Love
This group of laws is the group of laws that the majority of us don’t want to hear about because we don’t like the whole
concept of our lives being governed by morality most of the time. Now if we allow ourselves to feel our emotions we
often do like the concept of morality but intellectually; and often with our emotional damage we don’t like the concept
of morality. But there’s a whole group of laws called the Laws of Natural Love. They operate upon the soul; they
change the consistency of the soul. If you break those laws, the soul’s own energy degrades and you will feel it
emotionally. So it’s not just a metaphysical operation that occurs, it’s an emotional operation that occurs.
So if I break a physical law what happens? If I break the Law of Gravity and I jump off a building I get damage to my
physical body. But if I was pushed I may have a different group of emotions associated with it. If it was an accident, I
may have another group of emotions associated with it, but the actual operation of me just falling off a building and
going kaput and separating from my physical and spirit bodies, the actual operation of that, what does that do? Nothing
emotionally, unless I have some emotional experiences that are attached to it. With all of these moral laws, the Laws of
Natural Love, they operate upon the soul, they all have an effect on our passions, and desires, longings, emotions, and
they all have an emotional effect of some kind on us. Not just a physical effect; they have an emotional effect. They
affect what’s going on inside of you emotionally, inside of your soul, which is the real you.
The reason why they’re called moral laws is that oftentimes they are deeply affected by morality. But they do not just
include moral laws, there are laws about positive things about love as well that are all part of this group of laws. You
could call them the next highest group of laws. So once you understand that highest group of laws, you’ll automatically do all of the things that are underneath that. It doesn’t mean that you’ll know everything at this point but it does mean
that you’ll understand how God made the universe in terms of how it affects your soul.
3.3.2. Moral laws affect where people pass to in the spirit world
You see, most people when they pass over have no idea why they have passed into the first sphere or into one of the
hells of the spirit world. They have no idea. The reason why they have no idea is that they’ve only understood the
physical laws of God but they’ve never understood any of these moral laws. Or alternatively they’ve broken those laws
in some way, and many people who are religious have broken them.
So for example you’ve heard of a law, “You must not murder,” but you’ve also heard that if you feel like murdering
somebody, you’ve already done it. In other words just having the feeling like you’ve wanted to murder is a breaking of
the Moral Law. It’s a law of the soul that affects the soul and it will affect where you go when you pass. So let’s say
you had some damaging things happen when you were on earth by a certain person. Let’s say that person was your
father who sexually abused you. When your father passes, he will obviously have a lot of soul damage because he’s
broken a lot of Moral Laws. But when you pass, if you have held on to that anger about all of those events, there’s a
high likelihood you’ll have a lot of very dark emotions about the damage you would like to do to him in return. So you
might have emotions like vengeance for example, wanting to take revenge. Well that causes your own soul condition to
degrade, and while you may not pass into the same location that he passed, because he’s actually done more damage
than that, you may still pass into the first sphere holding on to that emotion, because holding on to the emotion you
actually break some of these laws yourself


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