What do you know what’s true

The physical laws are the lowest laws of creation From God’s perspective the physical laws are the lowest laws of creation.
They are the laws from God’s perspective with least impact upon you. From our perspective we think they have the most impact upon us but from God’s perspective they actually have the least impact upon us.
Because there’s another set of laws. Laws that operate on the soul
The next set of laws operates upon the soul. Now remember the spirit body is really just a material body in the spirit
world, so this set of laws doesn’t operate on the spirit body. The next set of laws operate only upon the soul. And this is
where there is a lot of confusion in our spirit friends who are in the first sphere who have come today because they
thought that this whole new group of laws would actually operate upon the spirit body. But the reason why they
thought that was the case is that they can see the brightness of the spirit body and they then deduce from that, that obviously that person is in a different place. And so they start thinking that the soul is the spirit body. So many of you
have been doing things like New Age philosophy or other types of philosophy that has a fair bit of focus on the spirit
body, but the spirit body just reflects the condition of the soul.