Learning the true meanings of the word

Learning the true meanings of words Today I’m going to use words like “sin”, “judgement” and “penalty”, which are all part of this law system that God
made. But they don’t have the meanings that you think they have. They don’t have the emotional connotation that you
have placed upon them in most cases. So we will talk about the true connotation, the actual truth about those terms.
The other thing I wanted to do today is get you to focus on your feelings because what often happens when we hear a
talk about God’s Laws is that we go all intellectual on it; we start going down this process of trying to work it all out in
our minds. Now the problem with that is that you are going to avoid some pretty key emotions within you if you do
that today, and you will feel quite triggered in this talk because we’ll be talking about sin, judgement, penalty and those
kinds of terminologies, which most of us have associated with some kind of religious viewpoint. We are going to start
having those emotions within us triggered. So the key for you is to allow yourself to feel the emotion that you feel
about these things.