Spirits around you

Many spirits do not understand God’s Laws
I’ve also invited a lot of spirits here today and one of the reasons why I’ve done that is that there are a lot of spirits in
the spirit world, particularly in the first sphere of the spirit world, who do not understand law. If you imagine for a
moment if you spent all of your life here on earth, you didn’t really understand much about God or perhaps you really
didn’t believe in God much. You found out different things about your life and you lived what you thought was a pretty
good life; you did good things for others but some things happened to you that were quite damaging to you emotionally
and physically, so you had some anger and different emotions build up in you. Then all of a sudden something occurs
in your life and you pass. You pass from an illness or you pass from an accident or from old age. When you pass in that
state you wouldn’t actually have very much knowledge where you are going to, would you