So you think what

Moral laws operate upon the soul
The next layer – and this is the layer that we have most trouble with – is the moral layer. Now the moral layer is a
completely new layer of laws that we need to discuss. These all operate upon the soul.
The physical laws all operate upon the physical operation of the universe, right down to atom particles. The Moral Law
works upon the structure of the soul, which is totally different, and in fact it governs where you arrive in the spirit
world. So this is where most people on earth have lots of trouble because we don’t like to hear about morals. Ironically
it’s also mostly where religions have gone. For instance, most of the religions on earth have moral tenets, or moral laws
if you like, that they tell their followers. So you’ve all heard of the law from the Bible “You must not murder”; that is a
moral law. If you murder there will be an effect upon your soul. There’s a moral law that you must love so if you don’t
love, there will actually be an effect on your soul. There are also lots of different moral laws governing sexuality and if
you engage in sex without love, there will be an effect upon your soul.