Spirit Body

Practices that focus on the spirit body
When you’re in your sleep state, and even right now sitting here, your spirit body reflects moment by moment what’s
going on inside of your soul. Now who’s been to do some spiritual healing where you lie on the table and someone
works on your chakras? So usually you lie on the table and somebody works on the different chakra energy points of
the seven chakras that are in your body. Now what they do is they work in a certain way and they open them all up and
maybe a bit of emotion dribbles out of you in the process. So they open it all up and they get them all working
properly. How many of you have had it shown to you with a pendulum? So you see this pendulum rotating in a
clockwise direction around that chakra when that chakra is open. Now you go back next week and that chakra is closed
again so the person does the same thing again, they do their work on the chakra again, opens up the chakra again, you
do a dribble of emotion sometimes and we go through the same process. What’s actually happening is there are laws
that govern all of that process but they are all to do with the soul. You see if there’s not a change in the soul, that
chakra is going to close again and this is why most spiritual healing forms as practised today, if they are not focusing
on soul emotions, they are not actually accomplishing much.
Participant: I’m just a little bit confused about the spirit body. Is it an orb of colour or is it an actual ghost? Is that
what a ghost is?
The spirit body and in fact all forms of energy give off colours, so the spirit body gives off what is called an aura or a
group of colours. Now if the spirit body is in a poor condition it will not give off a strong aura or its aura will be
damaged in some way, so there will be holes in it. A person who can see an aura will see the different shapes and
colours inside the spirit form, but that’s not the spirit body itself. The spirit body itself has organs just like your body,
but they are in a different dimensional space. Sometimes some of you will notice the organ operating. So the spirit
body has a heart for example and so sometimes if you’ve gone into a meditative state and felt the beating of your own
heart, and then you’ve gone into a deeper meditation state and what’s happened then? You start feeling a really high
velocity beating going on in the same location as your heart, which is actually your spirit body’s heart. It’s actually an
organ in your spirit body.
Participant: My name is Dr George and I’m a master pranic healer. I teach all over the world and some of the things
you’ve told me quite impress me but if I could correct you there are 360 chakras in the body.
There’s actually more than that.
Participant: No there’s 360.
No there’s more, I’m sorry to disagree with you but there is.
Participant: I must be wrong because I just talked to 4,000 people in Hamburg.


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