The Soul is Distinct from the Body

The soul is distinct from the spirit body
When I talk about the soul I am not talking about anything to do with the spirit body at all. The spirit body’s layers,
which you described, are all part of the metaphysics that define the spirit body but they have nothing to do with the
soul. The terminology “soul” comes from sixth sphere spirits thinking that the spirit form at a certain layer is the soul,
but in reality that is not true. We can talk about that and argue about that but all we would be doing is arguing about
Divine Love principles compared to Natural Love principles. You are right on the Natural Love principle side of things
and everything you are talking about is correct but there is this whole other set of things going on at the soul level,
which is a totally different creation to any of the things that has been discovered with regard to the body. Unfortunately
what happens today is that many people use the same terminology for different things.
So when we start talking about the soul, what starts happening is we start referring to many spirits in the spirit world up
to the sixth sphere, which by the way is where all this information is coming from. They are actually referring to things
in spirit body, thinking they are talking about the soul. There are so many sixth sphere spirits here today who are
thinking that when I talk about the soul, I am talking about what you are referring to but actually I’m not talking about
that. I’m talking about some other part of you, which has control of these things that you are referring to as the soul.
So it’s very important to actually maintain a separation between the concepts of what’s being discussed. When I’m
talking about the soul, and this is very important for everyone to understand, I’m not talking about what you’ve read
about in metaphysical literature about the multi-layered construction of the spirit body. I’m actually talking about
something completely different. In fact at some point in your future, you will actually connect to only that thing and
these other bodies will not even exist for you. Now there are currently no spirits in the sixth sphere state who are in that
state because you can’t actually get into that state in the sixth sphere.
So a lot of what you’ve heard terminology-wise is not the terminology I am using here. When I’m talking about the
soul, I’m not talking about any of the etheric layers, or any of the emotional body layers, or any other layer of the spirit
body, even right down to what is defined by metaphysicians as the actual soul level state of the spirit body. None of
those things am I referring to when I’m talking about the soul. The soul, which you truly are, is a completely different
creation of God, and your body is just a manifestation of that state. And that’s where I’m coming from here.
So when you see literature talk about the etheric layers of the bodies or the other layers of these bodies, they’re actually
referring to what’s going on at the spirit body state, they’re not referring to what’s going on at the soul state. And in
reality, and this is the beauty of what God has created, what’s going on at the soul state is much more simple and easy
to understand than what is actually happening in the spirit body and the physical body. So in other words, when you
understand the soul, you will actually go through this process of letting go of all these intellectual definitions of what’s
going on in these states. In fact when you fully connect with your own soul, you’ll find that the physical and spiritual
states almost become something you never consider again. Because you know that all of these different states that
occur happen at a different layer, which you were not previously aware of, but that you will become aware of.
So for any of you who are healers or any of you are doing spirit body work, understand that almost all the information
that you have received about it relates to the spirit body and its construction, which goes from organs right the way
through to different layers of energy and different layers of emotional experiences that are all part of its construction.
But they are not actually the soul because the soul is the controlling force. So when I talk about the soul, I’m not
talking about anything that you’ve read today in any metaphysical book.The truth is that there are a lot more chakras, but most people have heard of, and work with, the seven primary ones.
But in reality what happens also with the spirit body is that when the soul develops above the sixth sphere, all of these
energy points also start changing. And so spirits see them as different creatures. I’ve spoken to many spirits who
actually believe that a person from the Celestial spheres is actually a different type of soul from a person who’s in the
sixth sphere or under because they don’t understand how the people got to where they are. And by the way they are not
different parts of the soul; they are the same part of the soul experiencing a different process. This is the Divine Love
process which we have been talking about.
The physical is something we’ve already discovered. By physical I’m talking about all those things you’ve mentioned,
all of the metaphysical things as well; that’s all physical to me, that’s also physical to God in the sense that everything
that is going on in those bodies, everything that’s going on around you in the universe energetically is all part of the
physical universe. I don’t mean just the material that you can see and touch when I’m talking about the physical.


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