Everyday we break God’s law of love

God’s Laws – An Introduction: Introduction
Today I’m going to give an introduction to God’s Laws. The reason why I decided to do this talk today is that most of
us have a lot of trouble with law. We have a lot trouble with this whole concept that we’re governed by something.
Now some of us are quite happy to be governed by things because it makes our life much simpler. If you can go to
somebody and get a law from them to tell you what to do, then it makes your life more simple, you don’t have to think
or feel much about it at all; you just do what they say. Now the problem with that of course is that we are now trying to
open up our souls and our hearts, and we are trying to get to the stage where we are going to be running everything
from our emotions. Now if we are governed by laws and we are trying to run these laws through our mind
intellectually, what’s happening most of the time is that we are trying to check every one of our actions with what we
know to be the law of the time.
So for example, before we started our discussions a year and a half ago, many of you didn’t know the full extent of the
Law of Attraction. You didn’t realise how it all worked. There’s a lot of information out there about it but all of it
seems to be fairly conflicting and it’s not always very clear, and what we have a tendency to do then is we go down the
track of, “I don’t really know the law so I’m just going to live my life how I see fit.” Now of course in time when your
soul is harmonious with God completely, living your life how you see fit is quite easy and you will never break a law
doing it that way. But up until that time, if you live your life how you see fit right now and you’ve got emotions in you
that are sad or angry, or other kinds of those emotions inside of you, what’s going to happen? Well quite a few people
are going to receive some of your anger and quite a few people are going to receive the results of some of the other
emotions that you have within you, which will actually be breaking some laws.
So we have to get this balance somehow of how do we progress without actually creating more damage to ourselves in
the process? If we continue to allow ourselves to continue to progress, at some point we are going to come up with this
problem that we have within ourselves and that is this issue of how much do we follow the law intellectually or how
much do we learn about this law from an emotional perspective? And what are the laws anyway and do I need to learn
every law? So these are some of the issues we want to discuss today. Most of us are not aware that there is a whole
hierarchy of laws, how some laws overcome some other laws and we will go through that today, as well as how
different laws affect our soul and even our physical form


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