single women in the audience

An example of single women in the audience
So if I can give some examples. Many of you ladies are single, are you not? Can I just have a show of hands of all the
people who are single in the audience? So okay, in fact, the majority. Now how many of you are ladies? So okay, the
majority of the single people in our audience are in fact women. And yet there is a fairly even mix of men and women in
the audience today. But the majority of single people are women. Now do you know why the majority of you believe you
are single? Because I can tell you why and if you are honest with yourself you’ll be able to feel why.
Participant: I like to be in control and I like to believe my mythology and I am terrified.
So you want a partner who you can control.
Participant: I would prefer probably someone who’d just do everything I said and fall into line.
Well good luck with that. I don’t think that’s going to happen.
Yeah. But see this is where we have got to be honest with ourselves that that is what we want you see. It is important to
be honest, so please don’t think I’m making fun about the honesty, because the honesty is very important. It’s very
important for us to see the real reason of what’s going on. So you go, okay, I want control. So is control love? No, so
basically what we’re saying is we don’t want to love, we want control. And what’s the internal justification that you can
feel for that? What’s the feeling inside of you that causes you to feel that control is good?
Participant: Well I feel it is fear driven.
Okay so there’s fears inside of you that makes you feel that control is good and because you want control you can’t love.
And honestly it’s highly unlikely as well that you will attract the other half of yourself because they’re going to go, “Do I
want to be controlled? Probably not.” And so they’re not going to be attracted basically just from that feeling that’s
coming from you as an individual. So we know that’s a problem. How long have you known that’s a problem? [00:52:07.26]
Participant: I haven’t been with anyone for twenty years and I think I’m terrified.
Okay, so you’ve known it’s a problem way before you even met me. You’ve known this is a problem and nothing’s
changed on that front. So what would that tell you?
Participant: That I’m in error and I need to shift.
But isn’t it really telling you that you don’t want to shift?
Participant: Yes.
Because if you wanted to shift, of course the shift would occur. So this is telling us where we – let’s call it stubborn, shall
Participant: Yes. I’m choosing to let my fear rule this.
No see that’s the excuse, you see – that’s the excuse and this is where we go.