Desiring to feel every emotion

Desiring to feel every emotion
Let’s look at the next thing – humility – the desire to feel everything, rather than blaming other people for your feelings, or
God. And that’s only just a part of humility. Like I said we can discuss humility, and we have done for I think about 12 or
15 hours. So there are a lot of parts involved in humility but that is one of the things that is very important to understand.
Now for the majority of us, we don’t have that desire, we only have that desire when the feelings are what we believe are
going to able to be coped with.
So in other words our fear determines how humble we are. Most of us are afraid to go too far in any direction, in terms of
how we feel, so what we do is we create constraints in our feelings and emotions that prevent us from feeling the way we
truly feel on so many different subjects. And as a result we’re not humble; we are governed by our fear. And our fear
determines how much we’re willing to accept. And because our fear determines how much we’re willing to feel, our fear
then determines how much we’re willing to hear as truth. And our fear determines how loving we’re going to become.
And if our fear is high, then the amount of love that we’re going to finish up having is going to be very low; because our
fear will dictate how much love we can express.
Our fear will also dictate how much love we can receive. Many of us are not receiving love at all because we’re so afraid
of somebody loving us for lots of different emotional reasons, most of which involve the feelings that if somebody loves
us they’re trying to control us or they’re trying to manipulate us and so forth.]
So this is a big problem for many, this problem of humility


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