Why things come at you and you don’t know

 Faith that God is good and loves
Next we want to talk about faith. You remember in our previous presentations, such as “Relationship with God – Faith &
Prayer”, I’ve talked a little about faith and I’ve said that we need to have the kind of faith where we actually allow
ourselves to believe that God is good. Many of us don’t believe God is good.
For instance, many of you have learnt about the Law of Attraction. How do you feel about the Law of Attraction? When I
have discussions with many of you about the Law of Attraction, I can feel from you that you actually hate the Law of
Attraction. You think the Law of Attraction is a damn mess, particularly when it’s imposed in your own life. And when
the Law of Attraction happens, and different events get triggered, many of you still believe, that you want to try to get
away from those events somehow, try to manoeuvre around these events.
For example, you see the number of somebody that you don’t like very much ringing you on the phone, so what do you
do? You decide to answer, or not answer and go to message bank – which one is it most of the time when it’s somebody
you don’t want to talk to? Isn’t it message bank most of the time? And why is that? Why does that happen? Because we
don’t engage that as a Law of God – that we have attracted this conversation, to learn something and there’s a law
involved. And we don’t have any faith in that. So what we do is we turn off, if you like, all of the chances God’s giving us
to grow. We turn them all off, we shut them all down, and this is what we do because we don’t have faith that God is good
and that God loves us and God wants to have a relationship. We don’t have faith in those things.


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