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Relationship With God – Understanding Your Emotional Self S
Subjects from previous sessions:
The way we currently live is severely out of harmony with “The Way”
Emotions are not a ‘means to an end’ but rather are the “Way” we end up living
Emotions are not a ‘process’ but rather a “Way” of life
Emotions and the “Way”
We must live being connected to God emotionally
We must live as an emotional being in harmony with God’s Love
Your attitude to emotions
We must see emotions as a “way” of life, rather than a goal
We must remove impediments to feeling 100% of the time

Your Attitude To Progression
Thinking Growth involves;
thinking you have dealt with something when you have not
thinking you have changed when from God’s viewpoint you have not
having intellectual realizations without accompanying emotional experiences
thinking you know things you do not feel
thinking you know things you have not experienced
thinking you are more loving without having an emotional release of unloving feelings
analysing law of attraction events with the mind without emotional understanding or
incorrectly identifying ‘injuries’, love, or truth, and not understanding the truth of
events or your own condition

If you are thinking growth, when you are placed in a difficult situation, you
will revert to your own historical unloving behaviour and feelings unless you
exert an extreme force of your own will

Truly Growing involves;
becoming a complete 100% emotional being (like God)
receiving God’s Love (an emotion of God) allows transformation of your own emotion
becoming a being with emotions that are only loving
feeling and expressing feelings and emotions 100% of the time
responding to events, people and truth in an emotional way
discovering the truth of your childhood and current life through feeling emotions
understanding the world, yourself and God emotionally
allowing the release of unloving emotions without acting upon them

If you are truly growing emotionally, when you are placed in a difficult
situation, you will always act in a loving manner automatically

Reminder: Being Humble Is An Emotional Process
Being Humble involves;
Desiring to face and feel the façade
Desiring to face and feel the addictions
Desiring to face and feel the fears Relationship With God – Understanding Your Emotional Self S3/4

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Desiring to face and feel the grief
Desiring to connect to the inner hurt (inner child’s pain)
Releasing desires for glory, attention, approval, acceptance, commiseration etc
Reminder: Truth Enters You Emotionally
Experiencing Truth involves;
Emotionally releasing FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real)
Allowing Truth to enter your soul emotionally
Desiring Truth
Being Truthful in all of your thoughts, words and actions
Reminder: Love is an emotion
Experiencing the emotion of love;
Generates all desires
Generates all thoughts and words
Moves us to consistent action
Understanding Trapped Emotions
All trapped emotions have an age
Each time you were treated unlovingly, and then suppressed from feeling, the
emotion was trapped at the age that the suppression occurred
Each time you undertook an action out of harmony with God’s Love, the compensation
emotions entered you at the age the action was undertaken

Healing can only occur by feeling & experiencing these trapped emotions
Most healing emotions will feel child-like in their expression, unless they are emotions
relating to using your own will unlovingly, and in those circumstances, healing
emotions will only be repenting emotions.

Feeling ‘Adult’ emotions cannot heal you unless they are repenting emotions
‘Adult’ emotions are usually not healing emotions unless they involve your repentance
Unless they are repenting emotions, ‘Adult’ emotions of grief, shame, hurt, anger etc,
are all created by using your will to have your addictions met, in other words they are
self-deception created to avoid the child hood suppressed emotional pain.

Engaging Your Will Positively
Do I honestly from an emotional perspective wish to;
Engaging my will to be humble?
Engaging my will to receive truth
Engaging my will to receive love from god
Engaging my will to love God
Engaging my will to receive love from others
Engaging my will to love others

How would my life look if I engaged my will positively in the above areas?

Understanding Your Emotional Self (Session 4 Q&A)
Opportunity to engage questions about Understanding Your Emotional Self