Percentages of the audience who have progressed

Percentages of the audience who have progressed
So the reason why I asked this question about relationships is this. If I had to break up the whole audience in terms of
condition of what’s really going on inside, I’d need to break up the women from the men, because it’s different for the
women than the men generally in the audience. But if we look at the general condition of the majority of us, fifty percent
of us still have no idea what it means to practice Divine Truth, and I’m talking about fifty percent who have listened for
three to five years still really have no idea. Around forty percent have an idea and have made some progress, but their
progress has now either stagnated, or become very frustrating, or has been dictated to by their fear. In other words they’ve
only progressed on the issues that you’re not so afraid of. And for the issues that you’re terrified of, there’s been little or no
progress in those areas.
And then around ten percent – so there’d probably be close to one hundred and fifty people here today, so we’re talking
about fifteen of you – actually do understand what it means to connect emotionally to God and connect emotionally to
your emotions and so forth, and actually have made continual progress, and have also started to get beyond your fear. In
other words your fear no longer dictates your action, which is something that’s been a major change in your life. But there
are only around fifteen people in the audience who do that actually, where their fear no longer dictates their actions, or the
majority of their actions. There’s still fear for all of you that dictate your actions in some cases, but there’s around fifteen
of us in the audience that actually no longer let themselves be ruled by their fear. So that means in one hundred and fifty
people there are basically one hundred and thirty five people who still let their fear dictate everything. [00:59:09.28]
That’s why in 2009 and 2010 I gave a whole series of talks about fear. I even did a “Fear Revisited”. You remember that?
Going back to try and get people to deal with their fears. The reason why is because fear is a major limiting factor on your
life. As soon as the fear is triggered, what is happening for the majority of you is you throw away love, you throw away
truth, you throw away humility, you throw away faith and you use your will to look after your fear, which is your God.
Many of you have made some progress – I feel there are at least fifty percent of you that have made some progress that I
see. When I’m measuring progress I’m not measuring it from the point of view that you lived here and then you moved
there because that to me is a sideways shift – you’re still on the Earth, it’s a sideways shift; and I don’t mean that you now
have a different job, well that’s just a sideways shift. I mean that you’ve actually become more loving and it’s observable
to other people. Other people feel you are more loving than you were when you began. Now for many of you, other

people feel you are no different than you were five years ago. For some of you other people feel that you are actually
worse than you were five years ago, in terms of love; and that can happen because when all of our fears get triggered,
what do we have a tendency to do if fear is our god? We start acting in all of our fears and we become more unloving
automatically as soon as we act upon our fears.
So what I’m going to do now is break it up into men and women, and what’s going on in terms of what’s going on for the
genders generally in the audience currently. So this doesn’t always apply to everybody who’s listening to this talk, but
rather just the audience currently. Before I do that, what I’d like to do is just talk to you a little about fear and truth.