Placing fear as our god

Placing fear as our god
See this is what happens when fear rules. You’re saying, “I’m choosing to let my fear rule”, but that’s just an excuse
because the reality is if your desire, your will was being exercised in harmony with love, you would ignore your fear,
even if you had it. You would ignore it, you wouldn’t listen to it. You wouldn’t do what it dictates. You would choose
instead to do something that you know to be right.

So for example, if you know that when you control, or if you want to control a potential partner, you’re not going to get
very many potential applicants. If you know that for certain, then surely the most logical thing to do would be to use your
will in a different direction. In other words, stop controlling, stop wanting to control. And then of course all your fears
would come up and if you were truly humble, you would feel them. You wouldn’t hold on to them and you wouldn’t say,
“I’m using my fear to determine my course of action.” Because why would anybody want to use their fear to determine
their course of action? It makes no logical sense to use your fear when you know your fear is not actually God’s Truth, it’s
just what you believe to be true.
And so what I’m suggesting is that a lot of times we use these excuses like, “I’m terrified”. That’s an excuse to not have a
relationship. It’s not a valid excuse. It’s an excuse we want to use and the reason why we want to use it is because we don’t
want to love, and we don’t have a strong enough will and we don’t have a strong enough faith that things are going to be
different. We believe that every time we engage a new relationship that eventually they’re going to either want to control
us or I want to control them because they’ll do things that might stress me out, may make me feel certain things that I RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD – PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER JESUS (AJ MILLER) 
don’t want to feel. Well that’s a lack of humility because if you just let yourself feel everything, then you wouldn’t be
worried about that. [00:54:50.08]
So we start seeing these problems that we face are surrounding fear, which many times they are, but what happens is we
do this with our fear, and I’ve told many of you this many times – we make our fear God and everything else comes
behind our fear.
So we like the idea of love and we like the idea of truth and we like the idea of becoming humble and we like the idea of
having a strong faith in God and in the positive parts of the universe, and we like the idea of using our will with desire
and passion and having an expressive life. We like all of those ideas and concepts. But what we have done is we’ve placed
our fear as our God and as soon as we place our fear as our God, all those ideas go out the window the moment our fear is
The moment our fear starts to come up all we do from that point on is try to suppress it. We’re not interested in using our
will in harmony with love anymore, we’re not interested in the truth anymore, we’re not interested in being loving with
our brothers and sisters, our friends, the world, animals – all these other things. We’re not interested in loving all of those
things; we’re not interested in trying to maintain a concept that actually God is good. We’re not interested in any of those
things anymore because our fear is God, and fear is not a good God, we know that. But we feel that we must conform to it
every single time. And in making fear our God we are ignoring all of these things in that momen