How are you today? Good? I’m not very good, not many people want to hear the truth. Welcome today. How many of
you is this your first time? Just a few of you. And how many of you have only listened for the last six months or so on
YouTube? Most of what I say today will not apply to you, so you’re off the hook!

When I say it won’t apply to
you, when I’m talking about the people in the audience, or the percentages of people who are doing this or that you’re not
included in that because obviously you’ve just heard the Divine Truth. We would like to welcome you along.
So what I would like to discuss with you today is this subject that is part of the Relationship with God series of talks, and
I want to call it “Putting It All Together” and this will be session 1.
Now I want to say at the start of this discussion that many of you are going to walk away today and feel really upset.
Some of you will want to be angry with me as a result of today’s discussion. The reason why is I’m going to be very blunt
with you as a group, particularly the group of people who have been listening for years now. I particularly want to be
blunt with you because I feel that many of you are avoiding deep issues of truth in your personal life. And this is what is
causing many of your current problems. So I want to discuss with you the reasons why these things are happening and
what is really going on.
To do that we want to look at how to put your relationship with God all together and then actually dissect where we are
not doing it, to be honest about where we are not doing that, because if we are not honest about that, then of course you’ll
spend another five years listening without really making any changes. And during that period of time you’ll have a lot
more spirit influence on you to conform to their way of life and their way of thinking and so forth, you’ll have a lot of
pressure from Earth and you’ll feel very unhappy. And the reason why many of you actually have felt quite unhappy is
because of this already. And the more you delay your own progression, the more unhappy you become in fact. And so
what I want to do is frankly discuss with you what’s going on.
2. The five basics required for progression towards God
To do that I want to remind you of the five basic things you need for progression towards God. What are they? Let’s start
with the most important one – what’s that? A desire to love isn’t it, really? Love. Would you put truth or humility as the
next more important thing? I think I’d put truth myself – and here we’re talking about God’s Truth, not your own – because
to me, it’s only God’s Truth that will set you free. It’s impossible to be set free by your own truth. You can only be set free
through actually coming to experience and feel God’s Truth. So that’s the next important thing.
Obviously as many of you have pointed out, humility is so important in that process, and remember what the definition of
humility is? In particular can you remember that it was the definition regarding emotion that we need to focus on? The
willingness to feel every single thing you feel as it really is whether it feels good or bad. That is a part of humility but not
the only parts of humility. Mary and I have done a five series interview called “Interview with Jesus – Humility”, which is
available on the Internet, about all of the different parts of humility. I would advise many of you to have a look at that
again, if you haven’t had a look at it already. What would you say are the next two most important things that you need
for your relationship with God? Faith and will. So these are the things we discussed with you last time, in “Relationship
with God – Faith & Prayer Session 4”.
Now many of you have a false concept of your own condition. For a few of you the false concept is that you think your
condition is worse than it actually is. But for the majority of us we actually think our condition is better than it actually is.
Now what I would like to do is be honest about your condition because if you are not honest about your own condition of
love, how is it that you’ll ever develop a true desire to change? You need to know where you are before you can know
where you’re aiming. But also you need to know where you’re aiming before you’ll take any action.
So if we look at this issue of love, what are we aiming for? If we’re on the Divine Love Path, if we’re following this
pathway that God has made to become at-one with God, what are we aiming for? It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? We’re aiming
for becoming at-one with God in love. What we’re aiming for is becoming at-one with the way God loves