Soul progression

Soul progression by audience members
What I would like to discuss with you is the areas that are very obvious for this group of people, not the newer persons as
I said, but the persons who have been listening for a fair portion of time. I want to discuss with you what’s really going on
for many of you in terms of your own progression. [00:45:04.10]
Now can I ask you a direct question? How many of you feel that in the time you’ve listened to the Divine Truth, you’ve
actually progressed? Can you put up your hand, where you’ve actually progressed in love? Okay. So would that be the
majority? I think so. Maybe I need to ask the opposite. How many of you feel you haven’t progressed at all? Just a few of
you, okay. So the majority feel you have progressed at least in some way. Okay. How many of you feel that progression is RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD – PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER JESUS (AJ MILLER)
relatively easy? No one feels that. Okay. And how many of you feel, that you are sort of what you would classify, as
struggling with it still? How many of you feel you are sort of struggling with it all still. Okay, so the majority again. How
many of you feel like it is a breeze, everything is going smoothly, you don’t have to worry. No? No one is in that
category, okay. How many of you believe that things are going well but sometimes there is a suspicion that they are not
going as well as what you would hope. How many of you feel that way? Just a few, okay. No worries.
Well let’s look at what is really going on for the group of people who are here. Can I do that? Because I know a lot of you
now. How many of you come along to sessions now for five years? There’s quite a few of you who are five years. Four
years? So now we’re talking more than half. Three years? If you keep your hands up, now we’re almost talking the
majority who are here. Two years? So pretty much aside from a few, there are a lot of you two years at least.
Okay so do you feel that the progression you’ve made in the time that you’ve listened to the Divine Truth matches what
you believed you would be able to achieve at the beginning of the time you heard about it? (Laughter) How many of you
feel that? How many feel that the progression that you have achieved has matched what you believed you would achieve?
Okay, just a few.
And to be honest with you, there’s good reasons for that because a lot of times at the beginning we have all these concepts
that our lives are a certain way, that we have certain influences around us and then through the process of emotional
discovery we realise that a lot of things are not what we thought. We realise we’re under a lot more spirit influence than
we actually thought we were. We realise that we have a lot more addictions than we believed we had in the beginning.
We thought that we were a lot more loving, but really when you put us under pressure we’re not that loving at all and you
find out a lot of things about yourself in the process and so of course what you believed about yourself at the beginning is
often very different to what you currently believe about yourself.
So how many of you now believe very different things about yourself than you believed when you first started? Okay, so
everyone. And that’s what you would expect, isn’t it? If God were bringing you towards some truth, there’d be some
progress there. [
But the big problems that we have are not related to what we know, are they? The big problems we have are what we
don’t know; that’s the big problems we have. And there are many issues that we face, personally, that we would like to
ignore. And for many of us we do want to ignore them.
Mary: I just wanted to ask if you could explain why the big problem is the things that we don’t know as opposed
to the things that we do.
Well with the things that we do know, there is at least a consciousness, even from an intellectual perspective, at some
level of consciousness that there is a problem in that particular area. But the things we don’t know at all, there is neither
an intellectual consciousness nor an emotional awareness that it is a problem



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