The way we currently live is severely out of harmony with “The Way

The way we currently live is severely out of harmony with “The Way”
Emotions are not a ‘means to an end’ but rather are the “Way” we end up living
Emotions are not a ‘process’ but rather a “Way” of life
Emotions & The Way
With respect to the Way, there are two parts to emotions;

 Living being connected to God emotionally
Impossible to be at-one with God from an intellectual standpoint
It is impossible to connect to God intellectually
The intellect is only the brain of the spirit body
The ‘soul’s mind’ is its emotional core, the intellect is a tool of the soul’s mind
God is the Constant Emotional Being
Connection to God is only possible by becoming a constant emotional being

Part 2 – Living as an emotional being in harmony with God’s Love
Impossible to be connected to one-self from an intellectual standpoint
It is impossible to connect to other souls intellectually
Living in harmony with God’s Love is impossible intellectually
You can only exchange information intellectually
Thinking ‘thoughts of love’ only benefits when those thoughts translate into emotions
Emotions allow you to exchange feelings, love, truth
Emotions allow you to truly live and experience life
Emotions allow you to become the person God created you to be
For emotions to benefit you and others, they must in harmony with God’s Love

Proper Understanding Of Emotions
Living emotionally
Emotions are not the means to the end
Emotions are a major part of the “Way” you will eventually live
Without them, you will

Without emotions, it is impossible to;
know God
become at-one with God
know or understand yourself
know or understand someone else
have a real experience of anything
‘understand’ anything about the soul
truly live and experience life
truly understand the universe in which you live
exchange feelings
progress beyond the 6th sphere or dimension
to sincerely grow and change
Relationship With God – Understanding Your Emotional Self S2

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Your Attitude To Emotions
You will not:
invest in your emotions
identify with emotions
involve others in feeling your emotions with you
be afraid of your emotions
be afraid of others emotions

You will:
feel that emotions pass through you and do not stay with you
feel that you are what you feel while you feel it
feel that you are not permanently what you feel
feel that having others ‘share’ your experience cheapens your experience
feel that emotions are openheartedly welcomed
feel that when others are emotional they are being real
feel that emotions need to be in harmony with Love in order for a connection with God
to be maintained
feel that emotions our of harmony with love must be experienced to be released
feel that growth is impossible without the experience of emotions
feel that a loving condition is impossible without emotions in harmony with Love
feel that nothing can change while unloving emotions are maintained within
feel and honour your own emotional experience