Truth exposes fear

Truth exposes fear
I don’t know but do you notice that fear is a bit like ice. Do you notice that? It’s like it feels so immovable and so
constraining that it feels like you can’t do anything else but act in harmony with the fear. That’s what it feels like. So let’s
draw it as a block of ice. Now I often liken truth to water, so let’s say that block of ice is floating in some water. Where
would the water level be on the ice under normal circumstances, if we’re talking from a scientific perspective? Is it 2/3’s?
1/8, 7/8’s? How much does H2O expand when it gets cold? Well let’s draw it at about one eighth. [01:02:38.04]
So if fear is a block of ice and the water is truth, can you see that truth has only exposed a certain amount of your fear at
this point in time only? You’ve only become conscious of this fear that is above the water line of the block of ice. Already
for many of you that’s too much. But it’s your fear that prevents most of the engagement of all of the principles of putting
it altogether with your relationship with God.

Using an analogy of fear being ice floating in water of truth, we are only aware of the fear in us that is above the water line and
has been exposed by truth
It’s mostly the refusal to do these things – love, truth, humility, faith and will, which is only dictated to you by your fear –
that causes you to stop doing these things, which means that you can no longer put it all together and it means that your
relationship with God is affected: and this part of the ice that is above the water line is the only part of your fear that
you’ve allowed yourself to expose. So above the water line is the fear that you could say you were aware of; that’s what
you’re aware of. Below the water line is all of the fear that’s inside of you that you’re completely unaware of. Now who is
frightened about that concept? So we’re frightened about a concept that explains where we are about fear: and often we
are afraid of what we’re actually seeing.
So for pretty much all of us this is how our life is until we engage more truth. When we engage more truth, it’s like
draining the cup of water. So imagine this ice and water is in a cup, so let’s put it inside of a cup. Now if you have more
truth, it’s like tipping out that water level so the water level reduces. So if the water level reduces what happens? The
more truth that happens, the more fear is exposed. Is that not true? Isn’t that what happens when we start processing
through issues of truth in our day-to-day life? We get more afraid, generally. That’s what happens. [01:05:07.15]

Tipping out the water, by receiving more truth, exposes more fear