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  1. I need people like you to encourage me and help me out a lot a lot a lot thank you I think that you’re really special what type of work are you in what line of work are you in do you know biochemistry I need help with that I’m working with some autosomal and I’m working with X X an XY


  2. My personality well I’ll tell you what why don’t you go to hang out on Google and then I can tell you but I’m going to try to tell you right now. I really love people a lot but that’s my problem I want the best for them but that’s not good because that’s what I want for them and maybe not what they want for theirselves. Sometime even too much of a good thing its it’s an issue. I mean don’t you like to help your friends out, you seem like a really good friend to have around because you’ve got asset of morals and control


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