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If you look at our lives from the point of view of investigating truth, often our lives are like this great big oscillation if you like, where we think we are harmonious with truth, we think we are on the right path. Then our doubts come in and then we feel down, we get a bit annoyed with the whole process. We ask ourselves “Whoever created this flipping
universe? Why didn’t he just come in and download the truth into me and get all this pain over and done with?” and so we go through this doubt.

Now, today you will have many doubts trust me. It’s not my responsibility to clear up your doubts for you by the way, but understand that doubt is different than the emotion which is the more satisfied emotion of discernment. What do I mean by discernment? What I mean is the ability to not yet make a decision, even though you are hearing
confronting things. So, what you do when you are discerning, is you let the stuff that’s getting presented, be presented to you. Then you use all of the things at your disposal and trust me, there are a lot more things at our disposal than most of us realize, to determine truth. The key is that we use all of those things at our disposal to actually ask ourselves questions like, “Is this the truth that’s being presented?” Now, what’s going to happen today is sometimes I’ll say something and you will have a doubt. That’ll be pretty often today trust me, because many of you have never heard this material before. Some of, what I say will actually create anger and so I want to make a contract with you. If you feel like you are angry with me, my feeling is you have broken this contract between you and me. I am giving you my time for free. I am not expecting anything of you; I am not expecting you to even listen to me. You can get up and leave at any time you wish and of course because it’s free, you are not going to lose anything except the time that you invested in this. So, if you feel that way, if you feel that you just cannot hear anymore, and trust me there are probably going to be quite a few times where you are going to feel that today, allow yourself to feel the feeling, and if you really want to leave, leave. My suggestion is to just go outside and express some of the fear and doubt or anger, and even if you want to yell or scream about it, that’s fine – I am perfectly happy. Then come back and listen to a bit more and see how you feel about that. That would be my suggestion to you, but you don’t have to do that either.

One thing I do ask you to do, is to own your emotions about what’s being presented. Now, in a group of a couple of hundred people, if a few of us don’t own our own emotions and we get really – an Australian saying “get your knickers in a knot”, before you know it, what’s happening is that a few are verbalizing that emotion in this auditorium. Rather thanasking a sincere question, they want to dump their anger on me because of what I am saying. What happens is this destroys the experience for everybody present. So what I would like to ask you to do is not to do that. I am perfectly
happy to receive your angry emails. I’ll give you my email address, just for that purpose, if that’s what you want to do. But in this presentation, just for the sake of love of others, you can allow yourself to feel those feelings and if you still feel them at the end of the day, I am very happy to hear from you about them.

The key is how we respond to truth inside of ourselves emotionally. If you feel any feelings of dissatisfaction; there could be times when you feel doubt, anger or resentment, you would be feeling what some people have called “triggered”. I
don’t like the term very much myself, but it’s a term that is used quite often now days for emotional triggering. My suggestion is to own those emotions as much as you can.

The first thing I would like to say is probably one of the most confronting things that you will hear today. How arrogant is it of me to call this session “Secrets of the Universe”? Well, a lot of people would say that it’s very arrogant of me to even present something like that, as if what I am about to say are the secrets of the universe. By the way, I don’t feel arrogant about it. I just feel very humble that I have learnt these things, as does every other person who has ever learnt them historically, but quite often, what we do is we judge others through our personal feelings. The truth is that what I am going to present to you are the secrets of the universe. They were lost many, many years ago, almost 2,000 years ago, lost to this Earth, and it’s only recently that they are being re-presented back to the Earth, and we will discuss why that’s the case. The reason why they are the secrets of the universe is that every single aspect of your entire life, from now on, whether you know it or not, is governed by these secrets.

I am talking about a whole wide variety of laws and truths that govern your life moment by moment by moment every single day. These are not religious laws, these are not political laws; these are laws that are a part of the universe that we are living in. They not only govern your physical body and how it works, they govern also another body that you actually have, whether you know it or not – the spirit body that many of you are starting to connect to in your own discoveries. That spirit body is governed by these laws too. But not only that, there’s a whole part of ourselves, which the majority of us are just in the infancy of discovering. That whole part is the soul. We’ll talk about that soul later, but, that part of you is also governed by all these different laws. No matter what you do in your life, no matter what you even say in your life, everything is governed by all these different processes that are going on. They are a mixture of what’s happening inside of you, and what the laws of the universe are all doing with regard to responding to you. What we’d like to do is present a summary of all of that today.
Now, today, I am not going to go into the nitty gritty of each particular thing. Many of you will have little questions come up, some of those questions will apply to the topic and some of those questions will be off topic. So what we are going to do today is leave the questions that are off the topic. I’ll encourage you to ask that question.
Now, that raises a few questions straightaway, doesn’t it? You feel a bit challenged about that? The whole feeling just went down a bit there and the first emotion was, “Hmm, I see that one. Doubt yeah”. There are only 3 possible choices
you would have with my saying that, do you know that? Only three possible choices!
The first possible choice which many of you right now would say is the most likely. That I am crazy and delusional. To be frank with you, I have done these presentations with many thousands of people and the majority of them feel that I am crazy and delusional, although in time many have changed their minds. The second possible option: What about this? That I am devious (or let’s be more frank), and a liar. That’s the second possible option. The third possible option has to really that I am telling the truth.
Can you see that you have got a choice of these three possible options? Now, I might be a nice, fine loving crazy and delusional person but it doesn’t change the fact that if I am not the person I am saying. Then I am crazy and delusional.
The truth is too, that I might not be a delusional person and I might actually be a devious person wanting to become some kind of a cult leader for you to follow. That might be the option. I am sorry if that freaks you out, but I can’t do anything about that. That’s an emotion inside of you. I don’t want to be a cult leader; I just want to be myself, that’s all I want be. The third option is I am telling the truth. If I am telling the truth, that’s going to be a problem in itself, isn’t it? Can you see that? How do I tell someone that I have just met Jesus? That’s going to be hard. How do I listen to this stuff with an
open mind when I have already made a judgment?

It’s not very important to you who I am if you think about it. It’s only important to me who I am. Can I reverse that for you? It’s not necessarily important to me who you are, it’s only important to you who you are – can you see that in your life? Now, each of us has an identity; each of us has a history; each of us has had a life; each of us has experienced whole groups of things in our entire life – have we not? That’s your life. If someone came along and took all that away and rubbed it all out, you would be very confused, would you not? Where would you be? You’d hope that that wouldn’t happen. Because it would create a lot of psychological confusion, trust me. It’s very difficult to actually not be who you are – although many would argue with that! How many of you are still struggling to be who you are? It’s something that we often struggle with. What I am talking about is an identity perspective. We all have an identity and my identity is no different to yours, in that it’s just my identity. It’s just who I am, it’s just my experience. My life is no more important than yours by the way, no more important than yours. You are just as important to this universe as am I. We both have the same amount of worth if
you like. So, my saying that I am Jesus doesn’t mean that I am saying that I am better than you – can you understand that? All I am saying is, that’s my identity. That’s who I am.

I would try to use techniques, or whatever, that would try to make you feel bad and then you’d listen. I don’t want you to feel bad about yourself. What I want to be able to do is present some truth to you. You don’t have to listen to that truth, and you don’t even have to believe it is truth. You don’t have to accept anything; it’s up to you what you accept.
I am very certain you will also find that out sometime in the future, won’t you? So, you can work through that emotion, if that’s what you want, and feel that I am going to, and leave these truths behind, just because you feel I might do that. That’s up to you. Century They felt lots and lots of powerful emotions and as a response to that, they couldn’t listen to what I was presenting to them. Just recently, in a different dimensional space than where we are here sitting here, they had stayed locked up with
that emotion. So, my suggestion to you is, don’t let what I say lock you up emotionally. Just allow it to pass through you. If you don’t agree with it, move on with your lives; allow other things to come to you. If you want to experiment with it, then by all
means experiment with it, and I’ll do everything that I can. I am already trying to do everything that I can to help you experiment with these truths. I wanted to do that, to tell you who I am, because from now on you will not hear much
about me.

What I want to talk mostly about is the Secrets of the Universe. I want to start with one of the best kept secrets of the universe. You will laugh perhaps when I say it’s the best kept secret, but it is actually, because very few people know this
secret, the secret of God.

Whenever I say the word “God”, what do you feel? What if I come from a religious background? Let’s say I have had a Catholic upbringing. My feeling might be straight away “Well God’s a punishing God. I don’t believe in the punishing
God thing, so therefore I don’t accept religion, and I don’t accept anyone talking about God anymore in my life”. As soon as we hear the word “God”, straight away we turn off. If we talk about God and we happen to be an atheist, what do we
feel now? “There is no God. What are you talking about? Why start a conversation on the Secrets of the universe when there is no God!” So that might be quite confronting. If I was speaking to a Muslim, they would feel that I’d be talking about Allah, the one true and only God. A Christian of course may feel that way too, although most Christians feel that God is three in one – God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. There are all these feelings that are all different, all defining God.
If I was in the New Age movement, I’d feel that God’s within me, so I am God. You hear that all the time don’t you? “I’m God, your God, we’re all God – isn’t it wonderful how good we have got our lives together. God’s got her life together right? Doesn’t feel that way to me at the moment, so maybe that’s not true”. That’s what we are told, and so we
start to think that’s a good idea and go along with that. All these concepts that we have had bombarded at us, are all actually based around emotional injuries generally – all sorts of injuries. A lot of injuries are based around things that happen with our parents. So, if we have got an autocratic, domineering, punishing father, whenever we hear the word “God”, we will automatically, emotionally feel, “Hmm, autocratic, domineering God who makes this whole Universe, throws away the book and makes us live in it without any guidance”. So we may have that feeling. Some of us may have good feelings about God because we have actually received some things from God that we have enjoyed, so we have some good feelings about God, but to be frank, that’s a fairly rare thing on this planet. Most people have very, very rigid view points of God. So, I would like to talk about God for a little bit. For me, the longest discussion I like to have with somebody is about God. But most people can’t cope with too much of it at this point, and so what I’ll do is introduce God to you.

Love is an attribute of God, but love is not God God is an entity. God is not just an energy. You know that often we are told that God is love. Have you heard that saying “God is love”? I agree totally with that statement by the way – God is love. There is a statement that I don’t agree with and that is “Love is God”. I don’t agree with that. The reason why I don’t agree with that is because love is a quality of God. God the Entity has this quality, which is not only just an emotion, but it is a substance that God has – love. So, love
itself isn’t God because God has other qualities. God has the quality of intelligence, creative intelligence. God has the quality of wisdom. God has the quality of power. God has the quality of understanding. God has the quality of Absolute Truth. All these qualities belong to God but they don’t mean that Absolute Truth is God. It means that it’s one of God’s attributes or qualities. There is a difference between focusing on the attribute or quality and focusing on where that attribute and quality camefrom. So, when you look at God, my suggestion is, just for a moment, consider the possibility that God is actually an entity that has qualities and attributes, just like you are an entity that has qualities and attributes, unique qualities and attributes in fact. We could get all of you together and compare your lives and every single one of your lives will have similar things that might have happened. For instance, most of you would have attended a school somewhere, but what happened when you attended school and all the different interactions you had would have been very individual and unique.